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Relationship Between Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) and salt

The small droplets about the pinnacle over the salt seller are due to three things. One is worship regarding salt seller called 'liquefaction'. This is a system where the salt keeps absorbing extra and greater moisture from the air till it turns in a solution about salt by means of dissolving over within the moisture… Continue reading Relationship Between Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) and salt

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Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones

There is three names describe one of the most powerful forces in the nature. Which terms is used depends on the part of the globe they are located. In the Atlantic they are hurricanes, in the pacific they are typhoons , whereas in the Indian Ocean they are cyclones. Satellite image of hurricane How this phenomenon occurs:… Continue reading Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones

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Toxaphene could be a broad spectrum insect powder that is primarily wont to management pests on crops and ectoparasites on eutherian chemical has been shown to be extremely cytotoxic to fish and mammals moreover as having agent and cancer properties.

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How the environment deals with chemical compounds such as ORGANOPHOSPHORUS PESTICIDES

Organophosphorus and salt pesticides area unit wide utilized in agricultural and residential applications. OPPs area unit esters of orthophosphoric acid in some cases containing thioether teams. There are amides, fluorspar and cyanophosphoric compounds This family of chemicals replaced the organochlorine pesticides illegal to be used within the U.S