Proper pharmaceutical packaging to prevent risk of impact ERH

Here is a prospective lesson regarding something you may additionally hold viewed and are familiar including form your own experience then so on a family member. A latest initiative into pharmacies according to improve affected person compliance, particularly in elderly, is re-packing components concerning medicines then to that amount the patient has their everyday need… Continue reading Proper pharmaceutical packaging to prevent risk of impact ERH

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Relationship Between Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) and salt

The small droplets about the pinnacle over the salt seller are due to three things. One is worship regarding salt seller called 'liquefaction'. This is a system where the salt keeps absorbing extra and greater moisture from the air till it turns in a solution about salt by means of dissolving over within the moisture… Continue reading Relationship Between Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) and salt


Ireland famine

The sizeable hunger into Ireland was once a end result regarding certain an attack. The potato was once delivered within Ireland of 17th centenary yet does develop entirely nicely among the Irish land and climate. By the 1800s nearly on the Irish population depended regarding the potato crop, each because of profits and as like… Continue reading Ireland famine

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Does climate affect human health?

Let us starting with what can be put to the category "old wives tales". I am sure many of you will have heard somebody talking about the weather affecting their "rheumatics" or "arthritis". People living in cold and damp conditions are worse affected. So how can forthcoming bad weather cause sudden pain to shot through… Continue reading Does climate affect human health?


Greening the city — a measurement for a mindful environment

Watts Up With That?

Uh, it’s science, yeah, that’s the ticket SCIENCE! ~ctm

From Eurekalert

Public Release: 3-Jul-2017

University of Bradford

Scientists at the University of Bradford have developed the world’s first Tranquillity Rating Prediction Tool (TRAPT), a scientific process for measuring how relaxing urban environments and public spaces are.

In a new paper published in the Urban Forestry and Urban Greening journal, lead researcher Professor Greg Watts believes that the tool could help planners, architects and environmentalists to understand what the impact of ‘greening’ measures like introducing trees, hedges or additional vegetation could have on urban spaces. It is hoped that in time the tool could allow users to optimise green spaces as part of the property development process, all before a spade hits the ground or to rejuvenate run-down suburbs and town centres.

Studies have illustrated a clear link between tranquil environments and stress reduction, well-being and pain relief. While quiet, green…

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